What Is the Most Important Rules in a Classroom

17 avril 2022

If you choose to make rules with your students, ask them to go beyond general ideas. Let them think about what the rules look like in practice and what the consequences of violating certain rules should be. Applying these comprehensive classroom rules as part of class routines can make a remarkable difference in student behavior during this time. Another (and perhaps better) way to write class rules is to do it democratically. 15. Do not sleep in class unless students come to school to learn and the learning process is respected. Respectful learning has many aspects. Students must first understand that all people learn differently and express their learning differently. Explain to students that some people learn better by seeing, others better by hearing, and others better by doing (practicing). Some people take more time in certain subjects, need more practice, or have disabilities that make learning more difficult. This is a great opportunity to talk about the growth mindset and focus on the growth mindset in your class.

Here`s an article we wrote about using the growth mindset with your students. Read also: Why is it important for teachers to study the philosophy of education? In any classroom, broken rules mean wasted classroom time and emotional exhaustion for teachers. In a study of classroom discipline, researchers found the following: Gather your class and ask them what rules they want to see in their class. I have found that young people are surprisingly conservative about menstruation. They will offer strict and powerful rules that they will all have to follow. Be sure to model your expectations of students. Let them see what you expect from them and give them the opportunity to practice following the rules you create together. It is not recommended to throw the trash in your classrooms, but to use garbage cans for waste disposal. Develop a routine to get to school before the bell rings and sit in front of the alarm bell in your classroom position. Working with other teachers is also a great way to make sure your rules align with the school`s culture. If the classroom doesn`t match what the rest of the school does, students may get confused and start behaving. Talk to a trusted supervisor or colleague if you have any questions and take their advice seriously.

It is very important that you find quick and easy ways to get to know your students. We use these learning inventories to learn more about our students at the beginning of the school year. 14. No food is allowed in the classroom except breaks Stay in touch with parents and send a letter home at the beginning of the school year detailing the class rules you and your class have agreed. There will be many classroom activities and games as part of the learning. Fostering consistent, values-based rules can help create a positive learning environment where all students have the opportunity to explore and succeed. It is in no way recommended not to cheat in class. Class rules are important to your class community. When students have periods, they know what you expect from them.

They know what you expect from them, and they know that there are consequences if they don`t follow the rules. Teach the rules as a normal lesson. This should be your first lesson. Discuss each rule individually, explain the reasons, and ask for examples of how it might be broken. Explain that rules help make time spent at school more enjoyable for everyone, and use examples to illustrate this point. It`s also a good idea to post the rules as a reminder and send a copy home with each student. Take these big rules and use them to create smaller, more actionable rules. If you want to promote respect in your classroom, create rules that encourage students to use positive language, respect their classmates` property, and keep their hands to themselves. Finally, the golden rule of all classrooms: be respectful of people and property. In fourth grade this year, we introduced a new content-based team lesson where my colleague and I each teach the same subject twice.

I teach mathematics to both of our classes, and she teaches them to read. This rule of « respect » comes into play when children are in a different classroom, use another student`s desk and materials, and interact with another teacher. In the fourth grade, tensions between classmates are often high because they have been with the same team for years. .

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